Commission Package: $850.00 USD

You choose canvas sizes available depending on the format you choose:

2:3 FORMAT    12x18 sm,  16x24 md,  24x36 lg

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE:  Beyond the years of sheer joy, you will recieve an exclusive signed canvas Giclee print of your illustration,  and a very high quality Giclee print on heavy stock paper at the size you request,  It is as an Artist Proof and as one of one signed original canvas. THE ORIGINAL PRINT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE COMMISSION.  Additional prints extra.   

THE BASICS:  Each of my pieces of art take approximately  60-80+ hours of actual drawing time. If the subject is complex or has multiple subjects it can take even longer.  I will keep you appraised of my progress on your project with WORK IN PROGRESS updates.  When I accept a commission I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end result and meet your expectations with both the work and with the product that you wish to own.  

REFERENCE PHOTOS:  In order to provide the most detailed and accurate illustration I will need the best reference photos you can provide.  The better more detailed photos you can provide the better I will be able to add detail to the illustration.  For example, anything unique to your subject like paint schemes, stickers, lettering, would be great for me to see.  I might ask you to provide further images if necessary for me to be as accurate as possible.  If the subject is local I would prefer to take my own reference photos.    

Reference photos should be sent to  Please include your name in the subject of any emails.

PAYMENT:   The balance ($850.00 USD) will be made upon final approval and prior to shipping.  Additionally, you will exclusively be able to order additional exclusive canvases or traditional paper prints on heavy stock.   I will hold the right to sell paper prints of the artwork, but I will not offer any canvases exclusive to you. 


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